Wednesday, May 20, 2009 by sol
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smart on

Yesterday Engadget (my favorite tech blog) did a great review of LG's netbook - the X120. As you might remember from CES, Splashtop is one of the prominent features of this awesome netbook. The review itself was a nice hands on with the LG X120 as the writer, Donald Melanson, spends some real time talking about the various aspects of the device. My favorite part:

Like any other current netbook, the X120 gets along well enough with Windows XP, but one of LG's biggest assets is its Splashtop-based Smart-On interface, which gets its own dedicated power button to allow for quick and easy access. As you may recall from our CES coverage, the interface boots in a matter of seconds and gives you access to a few essential applications, including a web browser, a music player, a photo browser, an instant messaging app, Skype, and even a basic games application that links to some online games.

It's awesome to be recognized as one of the devices "biggest assets." This is a great pat on the back for everyone who works so tirelessly to provide a seamless experience for our users. In addition, it's interesting that people are starting to recognize what we've been talking about on this blog for quite a while - that those essential applications are often all you need, especially on a netbook:

The choice of apps is actually quite telling, and is virtually the very definition of a netbook. No word processor or office apps (not even a calculator), no video player or editor, no dedicated email application, no time-consuming games -- nothing that requires your full attention or an actual time commitment.

As I mentioned in my recent post, Life with Splashtop, Month 3, I really need only a great web browser when it comes to my netbook. All that overhead of a traditional OS is wasted on a netbook. I swear I haven't had to boot Windows XP on my Lenovo S10 in months. This Engadget article is a great reminder that the right OS makes or breaks your computing experience. On the outside the LG is quite like a lot of other netbooks. But on the inside it is a cut above. Make sure your next Netbook has Splashtop!