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This is David; I wanted to pop up a quick post about my first tour of duty at our booth at CES. Today was the first day of CES 2008, and the traffic in Las Vegas Convention Center was impressive. Getting our badges was a challenge this morning because the registration computers were having issues. The Consumer Electronics Show computers were down... irony is truly the spice of life. :)

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CES has begun and we are here. Come visit us. I will be blogging if I can get a break from giving Demos. We are in the Asus booth.

The Splashtop team will be in the ASUS booth, which is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center in South Hall 4, 35162.

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The awards for Splashtop keep rolling in and we couldn't be more excited! Posted just today on HardwareZone is a great article about the 100 Top Products of 2007. Not only are we one of the Top 100 but we're also named in the best of the 2007 awards.

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Our friends at Asus decided that Splashtop (under the Express Gate brand on Asus products) should be featured at IT Month, which is a cool event that happens in Taipei in December of every year. The idea behind this event is that computer and electronics manufacturers can sell their items at a reduced cost directly to the consumer. Given the opportunity to talk directly with consumers, Asus took some time to show off Splashtop to potential laptop purchasers. Apparently, our beloved Splashtop has been very popular and is getting a lot of attention.

Monday, December 03, 2007 by sol
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A while back I wrote a bit about and their awesome platform for storing files online. Splashtop doesn't currently allow access to your local files (those on your hard drive) so having online options are really important. Up until recent history, online storage was a pretty linear process - uploading and downloading was the most major feature. The ability to have "access from anywhere" was the value proposition.

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Here in United States, it is the Thanksgiving holiday. As you probably know, it is tradition to eat turkey. I had my first holiday turkey today in the DeviceVM kitchen. It was delicious and got me ready for tomorrow's festivities which will include much more food. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say that I'm thankful for your interest in Splashtop and as we enter the Holiday Season we are working hard to create new and exciting products which will change personal computing in 2008.

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I have a great job. I get to play with the best web applications and then tell you all about them. Why? Because Splashtop loves web apps. They're like chocolate and peanut butter or the Oreo crackers and the cream filling. I must be hungry. Anyway, today I wanted to tell you about, an online storage service that does some pretty incredible things.

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Last night our source code went live. You can find it here. In case you are wondering it can also be accessed by the developer link which can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Admittedly, the developer portion of our site is too buried and we're going to be launching a full developers area with a complete SDK soon. Phoronix already covered our source code release and can give you great details on what we release vs. what we didn't release (yet).

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Social networking has experienced several important milestones this year. In fact, most would agree that the entire landscape of social networking has been totally transformed. It really started back in late spring with the launch of the Facebook platform. Without going into unnecessary detail, this platform allowed developers to create web applications atop the Facebook site. One key detail that led to the success of this platform was the availability of user information to the application, such as Interests and Profile information.