Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by sergei
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This week several of us are at the Mobile World Congress in Spain. Since a lot of our business is with the US or Asia-based computer makers, we have not had much presence in Europe - but our products have! Splashtop Remote in particular has been a top seller in many European countries, having reached top iTunes spots in the UK and Germany, among other places.

We've already talked to many journalists, bloggers, and developers at the show. One of the most striking things has been the popularity of Android phones here. I may be biased, having just attended MacWorld in San Francisco, but we got pretty used to hearing "OK, I will try it on my iPhone or iPad". But in Barcelona, we're getting "Can I try it on Android?" a lot more often. And, yes, you can, as long as you have a compatible Android 2.2 phone - Splashtop Remote is in the Android Market.

While we already do good business on iOS and Android, our vision is that Splashtop Remote should enable people to fully enjoy PC or Mac content and applications from any mobile device, whether its based on iOS, Android, Windows, or an emerging operating system like MeeGo.

There has been much speculation at MWC about what Nokia will or will not do with MeeGo. While Nokia is one of the founders of MeeGo, and has contributed a lot of open source technology, like Qt, to this platform, MeeGo goes beyond any single OEM. In fact, having released a MeeGo-based version of Splashtop OS to OEM partners, we see a lot of interest for devices other than mobile phones, such as tablets and netbooks.

One of our missions at MWC is to support our friends at Intel in promoting MeeGo for tablets. They announced, and are showing their latest MeeGo UX for tablets here. You can get a good review of that from Avram Piltch @ LAPTOP or Nicole Scott @ Netbooknews.com. In turn, we ported Splashtop Remote to MeeGo, and have been showing it together with Intel.

Here is a photo from the Intel booth, and another one of our tireless MWC trio after the Pepcom press event here in Barcelona:

Splashtop at the Intel booth at MWC
Splashtop trio at Pepcom