Wednesday, October 08, 2008 by sol
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gizmodo vios

In case you missed it, Wilson Rothman at Gizmodo wrote an awesome article about one of the first Voodoo production units scored by a reviewer. While he gushes about how thin and sexy it is, he spends a considerable amount of time talking about the Voodoo Instant On Solution (VIOS). Here's a snippet of his comments:

The gimmick I am most interested in is the lightweight Linux OS called Voodoo IOS. It's the Splashtop instant-boot OS we've started to see in other places as well, and having finally sat down and played with it, I see a lot of promise. At startup, you can select to enter Windows or choose Skype, media player, web browser or photo viewer to take you into the VIOS environment. I was eager to try this out and can say that it works as billed, though I'm still divided on its ultimate practicality.

We finally got a production version here in the DeviceVM office. It's a coveted device (and we have a lot of devices). I've seen about 10 different people approach the Voodoo like it was an artifact and hesitate prior to even touching it. It's as if the the Voodoo is a museum piece. Then, they carefully pick it up and give the weight test, "hey, this is light!" Next, they open it and hit the power button. Pow! Splashtop comes up instantly.

Every day lately, there are arguments in the office about who our Voodoo production unit belongs to.

"No, that one is going to be mine."
"No, I need it for marketing."
"Biz dev needs it."
"But, you said I could use it."
"Look, I'm the boss." (that's where it usually ends)

Hopefully you're better off than we are and you can get one for yourself. If you do get one you'll spend a lot of time showing off your notebook to friends and random people in coffee shops. But, you'll be able to make up that time by using Splashtop!