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Great news this morning! Our partner, Asus, will be putting Splashtop (branded as Express Gate) on several of their notebooks. This announcement, in advance of Computex, makes this the first official release of the Splashtop environment on notebooks. This is great news for us here at DeviceVM as we have been working hard to proliferate our instant web experience. In addition to our web browser, this version of Splashtop will also include chat, skype, photo management and even online gaming.

This announcement on the heels of our last big news, which projects that Splashtop will be embedded on 1,000,000 Asus motherboards per month, makes May a great month for DeviceVM. Everyone who has been working nights and weekends to make the promise of an instant web experience a reality has reason to be proud. Congratulations!

Here's some early press coverage:







<strong>Goodbye Windows - Splashtop is coming - Asus setzt auf revolutionäre Software...</strong> Windows war gestern. Teure Notebooks sind passé. Dank Asus und Splashtop aus dem Hause Device VM, einem jungen Unternehmen aus San Jose. Asus will demnächst 1 Million Mainboards im Monat mit Splashtop ausrüsten und ausliefern. Splashtop ist ein Mini...

simply awesome news :) splashtop/expressgate and asus rocks ! all the features added look great what cool features are planned? i know my next motherboard is one with splashtop, awesome features and linux friendly

Did you think of supplying a link to meebo.com in the browser (or even use a modified homepage linking to the different logins), to allow for an even easier chat-experience?

[...] Mobile Linux, um total de 18 modelos. A Samsung, que usou o Linux em seus aparelhos em 2006, lançou o novo modelo SGH-i800, acionado por software LiMo, no Mobile World Congress, enquanto a LG demonstrava um protótipo do LG LiMo. A Motorola, com o excelente A1200 e U6, o antigo Rockr E2, entre outros. E falando em usos diversos para o lInux, a Asus colocará Linux em suas placas-mãe e a distribuição escolhida foi href=&#8221;http://www.splashtop.com/&#8221;&gt;Splashtop, pois carrega em segundos. Inicialmente, serão 12 modelos, estendendo para toda a sua linha, a família P5Q da Asus. Tembém disponivel no href=&#8221;http://www.splashtop.com/blog/index.php/2008/05/29/splashtop-on-asus-notebooks/&#8221;&gt;Notebook Asus. [...]

<strong>No More Wait With The Splashtop Laptops (Video)...</strong> If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to myRSS feed or sign up forEmail Subscription. Thanks for visiting! Usually, computers need to boot and completely load before you can access its programs. This is not the case with the 5 new models of ...

I'm just curious why Asus didn't use Splashtop in their Eee PCs. It would have been a killer combo. (And it was demoed running from a USB stick and seemed to work great) Any chance it will ever become available in "Splashtop USB stick" edition?

Carlos - We agree that it would be a killer combo. I wish I could tell you more about our plans with the Eee but I think we're still trying to determine our strategy. Thanks for reading the blog!

I understand you have to keep your plans relatively secret. :) However, it seems other brands are jumping on the "instant-on" mini OS bandwagon; using similar techniques as splashtop. Having won the deal with Asus is great, but I sure would like it to be on the market in large scale right now. For all those not lucky enough to have it embedded in their motherboards, that USB stick version would be nice to allow everyone to try it (even if you have to restrict it to some brands/models/chipsets) Well, I'll keep reading your blog to know what you're coming up with next. :)

Hello splashtop developers. I represent an little group of OSS promoters in Romania. early this morning we started an podcasting channel ( also webcasting ). So , in the short way , we want to present te SPlashTop Product in our show. can you help us with some documentation ? Also if it is no way to test splash top from in usb stick or something like it can you help us with some contacts of ASUS company to provide us an mainboard who has a splash top technology ? Thank you in advance , Abibula Aygun PS: The site of Free Software Movement from Romania is http://www.softwareliber.ro ( "software liber" meens "free software" in english). In this team we have Nicu Buculei wich is on Open Office the person who does the open office localization for Romania and Jani Monoses wich is on Ubuntu core developement team. Also Nicu Buculei does the artwork on fedora linux.( and much more guys wich have some other oss project on Romania ).

can't get add in wireless card to work,, or the usb flash drive it install to it but stops after mouse click on startup screen please help.

I can't get my wireless connection working through Express Gate either. The option is greyed out. Is there a solution?

I have a couple probs too with my usb version/s, first is on my new HP-2133-mini-note it works perfect and boot fast but there is no wireless it's a broadcom. Next is on my asus-eeepc-701-4gb I can make it to the desktop but it has a problem with the boot it will freeze before the boot-splash with a flashing screen unless I press some keyboard buttons fast at the boot. But once it boots to the desktop witch it still faster than any OS I've ever tried onit, It's has wireless, sound and all the apps+ are working. Last but not least I have managed to add all sorts of apps and tools and have not noticed any slow down maybe just 1 second for adding lots of stuff, over 400mb of compressed to squashfs .sqx file witch was over 1gb of apps and tools. I can start kdesktop with one click then have kdesktop-icons and have kde menue on right click so can poweroff and RUN-apps with just a right click. But it is still buggy and I need to figure/learn a few more things. Thank you for splashtop, I love it and would like to help out in any way I can.

I love Asus. It takes some time for the products to get to the states though. I just heard they are not making any new notebooks untill 2010.

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