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Introducing Splashtop Connect, the browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox, now available for FREE download. Splashtop Connect lets you:

App Icon Remote Search via your favorite search engine

App Icon Remote Quickly access your most visited sites

App Icon Remote Easily keep up with the most popular keywords

Get Connected

Like all Splashtop products, Splashtop Connect is designed to quickly get you connected to all the things you care about – whether it is your most visited web sites, funny videos, addicting games, or the hottest daily trends.

Key Benefits include:

  • SIMPLE:  One easy download and in 5 minutes you are set to go
  • FAST:  Automatically launches as your browser home page
  • FRESH:  Stay up-to-date, following the hottest trends
  • USEFUL:  Link to your most visited sites easily
  • FREE:  A hassle-free companion for better browsing today


Splashtop Connect currently supports Internet Explorer 8,9, or Firefox 3.5 to 4.0 on the Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista operating systems. If you are still running IE6 or even IE7, it is high time to upgrade to a better, safer web browser – then come back and download Splashtop Connect.